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Jay666d 11-07-2019 14:20

ZD30 - Limp.
I feel like the heading to this thread is more of a statement! :augie

But I have a query/issue that I just don't know the answer too.... And I haven't been able to solve the issue with my Dawes Valve.

Let me set the scene:

In the morning I get in the truck to head of to work. I drive down my road which is a mile long 1st at 20mph, then it turns to 30mph, then to for the last 200 yards leading up to a T-Junction it's national speed limit. (I achieve around 50mph before I have to slow for a bend and then the junction right after.)

I wait at the junction for my time to pull out and when I do, this is where the problem happens.

The Truck is Auto, so it takes care of the gears. As it builds up speed and gets to about 40-45mph and the revs get to about 2500rpm up I'm at around 16psi of boost (Limited by the Dawes to 17psi) all of a sudden progression is halted!

I can keep my foot where it is and I will maintain the exact speed, like its hit a limiter or I can briefly ease off the accelerator, let the revs drop away put my foot back down and carry on gaining speed. (Every now and again, when I ease off and back on again, it might repeat the limiting process... But never more than twice in a row!) :nenau

If this is 'Limp Mode' then I thought setting the Dawes to 17psi would eliminate this? As I understand, the ZD30 usually creates 18psi and sometime spikes which causes the Limp Mode to kick in?

So this has me baffled... Any help would be appreciated.

Jay666d 11-07-2019 16:37

Reading a couple of posts on the Oz forums, one guy had a similar problem and he replaced the MAF sensor... Might look into changing that. :nenau:nenau

macabethiel 11-07-2019 17:29

This is why I hate modern cars !
TBH if either of our Jeeps had that issue I would have no idea where to start aside from obvious things like checking for loose turbo pipes etc.

To date the only no starts I have had with diesels has been flat battery and a recent fully blocked air filter. I am told to leave cleaning sensors to those who know how to do it as they can be damaged easily by the likes of me!

Am sure others here will know how to do some OBD stuff using paper clips & rubber bands.

rayf3262 11-07-2019 17:44

Is the manifold and exhaust system standard?
Mine would drop into limp mode when I had hole in the flexi-joint.
The inrease in gas flow is seen by the MAF and mapped by the ECU software to be in error.

Just another thought, 17PSI is very close to the point where the MAP sensor may come ito play, so a spike into and beyond is another possibility.

Barrbeast 11-07-2019 18:44

Sounds like the classic overboost protection system kicking in tbh dude so may be worth a try at dialling the dawes back first before looking at anything that costs :nenau

If that doesn't change it then try the MAF?

Mr K 11-07-2019 20:23

Have you not just changed your downpipe?

As far as I understand it, the limp mode has nothing to do with the boost you are running, but all to do with what voltage your maf is reading. Hence why some people can run 20psi and some limp out at 15psi.

If your downpipe is in, it is that, if not, it could be the maf. But as rob said I would adjust the boost setup first.

I'd start with the needle valve as it seems it will be your spool up that's changed with the downpipe having a lot less back pressure. :thumb2

Jay666d 11-07-2019 21:24

I haven't gotten round to changing my downpipe yet... BUT, my exhaust does currently eng just after the Flexi pipe.

What I'll do is, get my down pipe on, build the rest of my exhaust, then strat adjusting the Dawes valve accordingly.

Thanks for your input guys. :clap

Mr K 11-07-2019 21:27

Sounds good to me :thumb2

Banshee 11-07-2019 21:30

MAF or lack of manifold pressure my money :thumb2

Barrbeast 12-07-2019 00:34

I think Martin could be on the money re the needle valve. I never had an issue when I ran my 3.0 for a week with nothing after the downpipe BUT by that point I'd tweaked the vnt stop to reduce the spool rate a bit.

Definitely get the rest of the exhaust fitted then start tweaked dawes and needle.

Jay666d 12-07-2019 07:24

Yeah, I have also tweaked the VNT, but that was all done before the exhaust came off. (I'm sure the truck did it before I took away the exhaust, but it did have a few cracks in it!)

Barrbeast 12-07-2019 16:19


Originally Posted by Jay666d (Post 363500)
Yeah, I have also tweaked the VNT, but that was all done before the exhaust came off. (I'm sure the truck did it before I took away the exhaust, but it did have a few cracks in it!)

Yeh but I never fitted dawes or needle valves, so it could well be that the spool rate needs tweaked. Possibly the needle valve and vnt adjustment you've done aren't enough.

Davey Boy 13-07-2019 00:25

Every truck is different.
Mine went into limp at 17psi, a horrible sensation!
Dropped to 16psi and never had a problem thereafter.
It won’t hurt to just try it and see for now.
I can give mine a squirt for power and hold onto it with now fear of limp.
Just my thoughts.

BigBlue 15-07-2019 16:31

Try this also.
If your engine management light is on off with it too, try getting it obd2 checked, as mine had a knackered throttle position sensor which made driving some days an arse. Limp mode came on all over the place because of it. Replaced mine by changing the whole pedal ass from a wreckers. 30. All good now.:thumb2

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