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eazyrog 10-11-2020 23:55

New Member with Y61
Hi All,

New member, just signed up and paid 10.00

Just bought myself first ever 4x4, 2006 Y61. Will be using it for fun car.

Looking forward chaps


Wallace 11-11-2020 01:14

Welcome to the jungle. :thumb2

Barrbeast 11-11-2020 07:44

Welcome bud from another Trol owner :thumbs

Banshee 11-11-2020 15:58


Another Y61 :thumb2

Romanis-King 19-11-2020 13:34

Patrols are vvvery nice.

terranosaurusdoug 19-11-2020 20:45

Welcome matey, you got any pictures of it???, must have pictures.

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