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Default It's coming up to MOT time again.

It's coming up to MOT time and I know I need to do a few bits, which the weather has put on hold. So today, I decided to start giving the car a going over....

Firstly, I knew that the front calipers were tight, and when I checked them out, they had taken out the front pads in 7K miles, so I fitted two new calipers, and front pads. Then bled the whole system right through, to do a full fluid change as well. While doing that, I also changed the clutch fluid, as it had some black colour to it.

Next was a an Oil and filter change, and for the first time in all the years of owning, not a drop was spilt... well until I tried to re-fill it, and the container "Glugged" sending a huge glob of oil all over the front of the engine, which then dribbled onto the driveway...

While checking and cleaning the rear brakes, I spotted that the exhaust pipe has a split running from the back box up to the top of the rear axle.. Bother... Need to order that now...

Gave the underside a check over, and everything looks good, so that's a result...

Lastly, I decided to weld the sill, where I had an advisory last year. Been meaning to do it all year, but kept forgetting... What a pig, it is right under the hinge of the rear door, and because of the gap took a lot of work to build up a weld to bridge it. Not only that, but the sealant I used kept catching fire...

Did the fuel filter last month, when I replaced the fuel lines, so did not need to do that, and cleaned the air filter, which had a surprising number of dead flies, wasps and moths in it.

So apart from the exhaust, the only other thing I need to do is find a bad electrical connection, as the secondary battery is all working fine and showing up to 14 volts, but the main battery is only showing 12.4 volts, when the engine is running. I think it must be the earth wire, but not got as far as checking it yet.

Feeling knackered now...
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