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Atleast you've ditched the t1 rear axle. best bet is on a braked trailer chassis
as looks like you have.

Always thought most fun is keeping the trailer looking the most like the tug
so discreet warning triangles, mind check that out as seeing many artics without
them, started with Dutch wagons and saw a domestic trailer without them.

Also maybe just for fun leaving a towbar on it's back end, well never know could
try to create a mini road train, recall the army sankey trailers often had a rear
nato too, perhaps they could lash them up in military service or off the public

Other option if leaving a real axle is have a PTO to drive it like Military green
ovals, mind they had a tendency to jack knife or force tug to roll over, hmm
maybe best left to history....

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Smile, its more likely to confuse.

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