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Originally Posted by Lobo View Post
Left hand dial is oil pressure (not connected yet) right hand is boost pressure(that worked a treat until I noticed what sounded like an imp jingling tiny bells coming from it? Still works fine and beats the non working CD player every time)

I like the white console but its about as practical as a pair of white jeans on a night out especially as its my builders wagon. Shows the ketchup and coffee stains awfully!!
You can buy Vinyl Dye it is brilliant stuff you don't have to spray it you can use a brush or even a small sponge. It does a perfect job - like when you dye clothing.

As you probably know most vinyl trim is a sort of light grey/blue colour when manufactured - then it is sprayed in the desired colour. Many years ago the firm I worked for in Derby dyed door panels for Vauxhall at Luton. At that time the product was supplied by Quadralene Chemicals in Derby. They don't manufacture in now though. Found this on e-bay.
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