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Default Terrano 2 for sale in Banbury

Just to make sure there is no confusion, this is not one of my cars and I have no connection to the selling dealer.
This appears to be one of the higher spec Terrano's on a W plate as it has the leather interior, glass sunroof and headlamp washers, although the drivers side one is broken, and the plastic wood radio surround. Coloured dark green over silver/champagne metalic bumoers and door trims with the heavily tinted glass to the rear sides. The body work seems reasonable, the rears of both sills have had patches welded over the usual rust points where the sill meets the front of the rear wheel arch, The front passenger side wing has rust creeping out from under the wheel arch trim, but other than that not too shabby. Claims to be the 2.7td engine but am not sure whether manual or automatic cog box. Sat on four alloys with both front tyres flat but with a reasonable ammount of tread left on all tyres.
It has been sat where it is now for at least 18 months to my knowledge and possibly more.
The dealer is Specialist Cars of Banbury and apparently can be contacted on 07788 196811.
I have been banned from 'saving'it by my wife as we already have two of them so would like to see it go to a good home where it would be appreciated and cared for as it deserves.

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