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You haven't been refused insurance, as macabethie correctly says, they've just been unable to provide a quote for your vehicle as it doesn't fall in the parameters of their business. Refused insurance is when they look at all your history of insurance, and your driving record, i.e. fifteen crashes in 10 years, nine penalty points and just coming off a 2 year ban.

As for getting a good quote,the answer is constructive lying.

Tell the truth about your vehicle, your insurance history and your driving record.

ALWAYS do two or three comparison websites, once your details are in its a lot quicker in subsequent years, find the cheapest quote, don't worry about the exact cover details at the moment. Go to your current company and tell them you've found a quote that is 25 cheaper than the cheapest one you saw and ask them if they can match it. If they ask if the cover is the same as theirs say yes. If they match it then you are golden. If not, find the cheapest quote from your search which gives the cover you require and PHONE them. Tell them you'd like to go with them but, "could you do any better on the price? " They may reduce it further, or not. 50% of the time I've had a further reduction.

Does it work?

I have a 3year old MB Sprinter, full comp, protected NCB, wife and I, 6k miles per year, 138.00.

The truck, same boundaries, 145.00 per year.

I've managed to get my insurance lower EVERY year since 2000. Sometimes only by a quid or two, but always lower.

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Anyone tried to contact Dan recently? need a van quote but he's been online last around 6 months ago! Anyone have a direct email for him??
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