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macabethiel 10-03-2019 14:29

More Electrical Gremlins since rebuild !
On Friday night our RCB tripped out unable to reset the circuit if ground floor sockets fuse is in the up position. Unplugged every item and it still trips out. Kitchen electrics & immersion are on a different circuit.

Sparky used by the contractors is to visit today to sort it. We had electrical issues in January I think it was when part of the upstairs lighting & alarm stopped working. This was a loose wire in a switch.

Starting to loose confidence in the full rewiring that was done after the fire. Am going to get some Homeserve cover for the next 12 months for peace of mind its a reasonable 5.00 pcm.

macabethiel 11-03-2019 10:10

Just like your EML light !!
Well sparky came on Sunday early afternoon, when fuse set it did not trip. Every socket was checked and tester showed 3 green lights for each one.

Only thing changed was he put some extra silicone sealant around the external waterproof double socket where the cable enters the back of the unit - it was dry though.

His parting comment was to the effect that RCB's can do that then never fault again. Thing is it tripped four times on Friday night so I am not filled with confidence.

Anyone here got much experience with RCB circuits or suggestions as to what I can check myself?

I have in the past fitted my own consumer units (4 in total) also rewired my fathers house some 30 years ago so I am reasonably competent. In fact someone here gave me some advice a few years ago when I fitted a split load consumer unit.

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