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Default A reluctant sayonara

Sadly, mainly due to creeping years, work commitments, an ever growing world weariness to do auto repairs, I can no longer keep my Terrano on the legal side of mot worthiness. And then a failing cv joint, adding to the list of things to do, clinched the decision.
Initially I did look for a replacement Terrano.
I picked out about 10 reasonable possibilities, but when I checked their MOT CV history, every one of them mirrored my own fortunes, an endless cycle of expensive defects. Unfortunately the Terrano (great engine/off road drivability) is in a soviet style east European dress. Then I happened upon a 6cyl Hyundai Tucson 2008 petrol on-road awd and purchased it. It's just as thirsty as a Terrano (my usage). Not one item had been flagged in all the mot tests, it has a stamped service history - all normal service. It must also be said that it hasn't an ounce of character and the automatic is not a patch on the Terrano's I have reduced my driving time by 50% annually by investing in an electric bike (best thing I have ever purchased), I already had a mtb and added a road bike.

Over the years, this forum has been a true blessing with an archive of relevant information about all things Nissan, with very friendly members who just pop up to assist with persistence with any query. It reminds me of my local pub back in Ireland, having the perfect pint pulled after a nod of the head to the barman and settling down to sipping it meanwhile having a cosy chat with the locals. I haven't met anyone in person but should anyone need or like to have some advice about visiting Iceland, please don't hesitate to contact me (Martin) at sunnuhlid2@gmail.com.
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Thatís a real pity but I can indeed well understand your thoughts. I have a Skoda Roomster which is a good practical car but I get in and drive. I get in either of the trucks and I DRIVE them and love driving them if that makes sense.
All the best for the future with your new vehicle and Iím sure will serve you well. Iíd love to visit Iceland but doubt I ever will but it looks great.
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Sad to see you go, but I fully understand - just sold my T2 a few weeks ago for much the same reasons. Plus the monstrous tax on old diesel vehicles here in Belgium...
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