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Oddball Matt
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Default My rear bumper protector thingy build

A bit of background info... I`m a transport contractor delivering mail, one of my daily tasks is to go fill up the parcel pickup locker downtown so I`ll be needing to load and unload one of these trolleys full of packets daily tipping the trolley in against the rear bumper (I don`t have any rear seats mounted inside)

Problem of course is doing this rubs onto the rear bumper chafing off the paint from the corners of the spare wheel dent/boarding step.

My first attempt was to try beat some diamond plate into submission and make corner protectors but lacking the tools and skills the fit was terrible so I ditched that effort and went with what I know.

A few mild bends to a 1" tube and some 3x30 flat stock for a frame...

...some diamond plate to cover...

...acid primer to prevent rust and some silver to coat...

...and bam we have a new rear bumper protector. Not a bad way to spend a saturday morning methinks. The lower cover plate still needs redone as I fudged up the angles trying to freestyle it and figuring out too late the offcut piece I`m working with is too small so figured I`d make SOMETHING out of it to cover the gap and make a pretty one later. The spare wheel mount holes will also be occupying a jerrycan later, I already have the can but the store had ran out of the mounts so need to order that online, and I need to source a new handle from somewhere as the finger trigger part has broken off so currently operating the mechanism through a wire loop sticking out of the hole, works fine but the jerrycan mount will be covering that so needs sorted at some point.
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